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South Sound NUCCA provides cutting-edge NUCCA care to the Tacoma and South Sound community. Tacoma is the 3rd largest city in Washington and we are the only NUCCA chiropractic office in the city. NUCCA offers a gentle precision based alignment that is tailored to your unique anatomy. It is a drug-free, ...

What Is NUCCA?

We use the most advanced and precise method for optimizing brain and nerve health. With precision 3D imaging and customized care, we specialize in a non-drug, non-surgical approach to restoring proper nerve function so the body can heal and recover. The NUCCA technique has helped millions of people worldwide. 


NUCCA Chiropractic Treatment

NUCCA Chiropractic Treatment

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NUCCA is an advanced and precise alignment method for optimizing brain and nerve health. Instead of managing chronic pain, use your time …
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